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My Spotify October Month In Music

I'm often called a human jukebox andĀ asked the question "How do you know so many songs?" and I've never really had a good answer, until today. Actually, there are several other reasons at play as to why I can retain a mental library of music, but I'll discuss that...

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Best Music Streaming Service: Spotify or Deezer

Spotify or Deezer was the choice I planned to make this morning, when I came across an article published on Music Week today about Deezer. The article is titled "Deezer Nabs Spotify Exec In Bid To Extend Global Reach". Now, I will openly admit to being a heavy Spotify...

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3 Tricks to Learn How To Play the Guitar

Imagine that you have your guitar strapped around your body, guitar pick in hand, and you're to become the next Boyce Avenue cover artist. You start strumming away, you sound terrible and you know it. Then, that's when the question hits you: What are some easy songs...

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