Best Music Streaming Service: Spotify or Deezer


Spotify or Deezer was the choice I planned to make this morning, when I came across an article published on Music Week today about Deezer. The article is titled “Deezer Nabs Spotify Exec In Bid To Extend Global Reach“.

Now, I will openly admit to being a heavy Spotify premium user, so I was intrigued by the article. My thoughts were, if the former Spotify executive is now part of the Deezer team, then, Deezer is worth checking out.

Within 5 minutes of fiddling with Deezer, it was clear if it were a contest between Spotify and Deezer, the choice wasn’t a contest at all.

So, Spotify or Deezer?

Spotify wins!

Other music streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, all provide two things that Deezer currently does not, and should.

Transparency and trust.

If I were to re-write the lyrics to the song “No Flex Zone”, I would say the Deezer service is 110% a “No Free Zone”. Deezer currently gives you a free trial of the service, but you have to put in a credit card first.

There’s no ability to see what kind of music and artists are currently on Deezer, and no option to listen to anything free, not even 30 second snippets.

Personally, I didn’t mind not having the ability to listen to anything for free, but having zero visibility to who and what is available on the service was unsettling.

spotify or deezer

Now, maybe in the future Deezer plans to at least allow interested users to, at the very least, search the library to see what’s available, which is what Tidal does very well.

By providing something for free, or allowing people to see what they’re getting into before asking for some kind of monetary value, builds trust with your audience and shows the transparency in your company.

Deezer was founded in France, and perhaps the early users and initial audience of the service were more accustomed to the pay-first, peek-later model.

I believe most users today, especially in the US, have more of a try before you buy mentality. So, anything outside of free trials and samples feels uneasy. I’ll say this, as a note we all remember something: Car dealers at least let you look at the cars, even if you don’t take one for a test drive.

It will be interesting to watch how Deezer changes and grows with Riad Hawa on the team. So, I won’t give up on Deezer just yet, but Spotify isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as my main music streaming app.

What music streaming services do you like? What do you think about the try before you buy concept? Share with me your thoughts.