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About Daphne Link

Daphne Link is an independent music artist, who also works as a Support Developer for a Fortune 500 Supply Chain/Logistics company. Most recently, she created a community resource site to help artists from different backgrounds come together to share ideas about music marketing and promote their music.

In her early years, starting at the age of 9, she played the trumpet in school marching bands, wrote parody lyrics for class projects, and recorded mixes on an old beat-up Yamaha keyboard.

In 2012, she released a cover song called “Girlfriend”, which is a play on “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber and has more than 16,000 views to date. Later in 2014, her version of the song was listed in an article by AutoStraddle titled “28 Gay Girl Covers Of Straight Songs Because Everything’s Better When It’s Queered“.

She’s currently focusing on building a music career and fanbase from scratch. She is documenting the journey on the resource site. Her goal is to be one of the first music artists who shares both the music business side of things and the creative side of being an artist from the very humble beginnings.

She believes she can make music that people enjoy and simultaneously help ease the frustrations, stresses, and nuances of music promotion.

Stay updated with what she’s doing by following her on Instagram and joining her at